Due to the Flash Player reaching end-of-life, it is no longer possible khổng lồ play this trò chơi directly on this page the traditional way in most browsers.

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However, thanks to lớn a project called Ruffle significant strides are being made khổng lồ emulate Flash. Currently only ActionScript 2.0 games are supported and functionality isn"t perfect yet, but since writing this Super Smash Flash 1 is already mostly functional! You can test it out using the links below (currently works best in Google Chrome):

Play SSF1 in Ruffle | Play SSF1 Using Flash | Download SSF1 to Desktop

If you"d lượt thích to support the development of Ruffle, check out its Open Collective page.

Choose your characters và options & battle it out with 28 different characters in the original title that started it all – Super Smash Flash!This award-winning Super Smash Bros. Fangame is complete with Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, & all of the things that make Smash Bros. Feel lượt thích Smash Bros, with characters and nội dung you’d never expect sprinkled about. Have fun!

Can I download this trò chơi to play offline?Yes! Click the tải về button to the right.

What are the controls lớn this game?For Player 1 it’s the arrows to lớn move, ‘o’ khổng lồ jump, and ‘p’ lớn attack. For player 2 it’s the “ASDW” keys to lớn move, ‘g’ khổng lồ jump & ‘f’ to lớn attack. Press BACKSPACE khổng lồ pause the game.

Why did you use a female voice as the announcer?SSFcontains a few extra characters so the audio wouldn’t be consistent with official announcers, và I wanted khổng lồ give the game an extra twist. Plus the real announcer’s voice doesn’t rip very well, her voice is much clearer.

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Who is the announcer?Her name is Kira Buckland, (formerly known as “Rina-chan”, and before that “Kagome”). She’s VAing professionally now doing big titles like NieR: Automata and Soul Calibur VI. Go check out here work below!


Why can Kirby switch with Meta Knight? Where’s his copy ability?!That would result in needing 28 different sprites of Kirby wearing a different costume with a new ability, which wasn’t feasible without having my own spriters. I needed to do something khổng lồ replace that ability with that would make Kirby strong enough to lớn be a contender.

Why can I only vì chưng one attack?There’s more than one! You have lớn try different combinations of the up, down, left, và right arrows with the attack button. Also, when you attack on the ground it’s different from attacking in the air.

How vị I go back to the thực đơn during gameplay?Hold backspace while the game is paused for 3 seconds.

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Where can I see the credits?Anytime you beat the game. There’s a button khổng lồ jump to lớn the credits on the title screen too.

How come I can’t go through platforms lượt thích the real Super Smash?You can, just hold the “down” key for half a second và you’ll fall through. Sorry it’s not as easy as the real one.