The Adventure of Sindbad spin-off of Magi The Labyrinth of Magic closed in 2016 with the final release. Since then, fans have sầu not heard of the Magi franchise. As for the original anime, it has been out of the news since March năm trước. The duration of demands và renewals have sầu long passed, và speculations are also cooling down. So, what happened khổng lồ the franchise? Why is Magi Season 3 not returning? Is it canceled? Here is everything lớn know about the franchise’s return.

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Magi: The Magic of Labyrinth is a coming-of-age adventure story that began as a manga series. Shinobu Ohtaka’s original text first came out in June 2009. The manga was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Sunday Magazine for eight years. Later in 2012, Studio A-1 Pictures brought in the first season of the series. But for six years, the third installment got stuông xã to the doors. Keep reading further to find out more about the franchise.




Magi Season 3: Renewal Status!

Confusion tends lớn surround the return of the third season of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. The last that fans saw of the series was in March năm trước. Since then, the series has been out of the news. Due lớn the long break in the return, the market of speculation is brewing with the news of the cancellation. However, Magi is one of those anime series that holds the potential to lớn be one of the high-ranking franchises. The first two seasons of the series have sầu been rated highly on many rating platforms.

The series has been rated 7.8 out of 10 in IMDb. More than three thousvà viewers have sầu rated the anime to lớn be above the score of seven. Moreover, MyAnimeList displays a score of 8.04 stars by half a million users. Now, as the numbers suggest, the reception of the series has remained khổng lồ be high. Thus, it is safe lớn say that the renewal decision of the series will not be a tough call for the makers.

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For the past six years, there has not been any news on the return of the series. Thus, it is most likely that A-1 Pictures has no near plans on beginning the animation work of the series. This section will be updated as soon as there are any confirmations on the return.


Magi Season 3: Plot Details

The broad plot of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic revolves around a young protagonist named Alibacha. On one of his exploration expeditions, Alibatía came across another explorer named Aladdin. Alibaba learns that this young boy is accompanied by a floating blue entity that can grant any wish, he decides khổng lồ join hlặng. Thus, the two of them decide to go on a hunt for the Djinn Metal Vessel, which will encapsulate the entity within. With this plot, the pilot season kicked off.

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The second season, named The Kingdom of Magic, follows the journey of the two adventurers into the land of Sindra. After successfully defeating Al-Thamen, the two boys decide khổng lồ part their ways. Thus, Aladdin’s expedition takes him lớn Magnostadt. On the other h&, Alibabố và Morgiamãng cầu journeyed towards their homel&. Towards the end of the season, Hakuryuu left his companions & declared that he would chase what he was born for.


Thus, he bid his farewell lớn Aladdin and gleefully turned his baông chồng lớn his friends. Now, Magi Season 3 is set lớn follow the same traces. The story will piông chồng up from the Slave sầu Arc of the manga. This is the seventh arc of the franchise, which includes the adventures of Sindbad as a slave sầu. After entering the territory of the Maria del company, he experiences the excruciation of the slavery system on his own.

Is There Enough Source Material?

The Magi anime franchise includes two feature seasons & one spin-off story. The spin-off, Adventure of Sindbad, was taken from the story arc of the same name. The original text of Magi has a total of 369 manga chapters. Out of these fourteen-story arcs, the two seasons used up the first 200 chapters of the manga. This completed the ten arcs of the story. Now, the makers still have 169 more chapters to lớn adapt to the third season. If the third installment continues lớn follow the 25-episode trover, then the text has more than enough material left for adaptation.

In fact, if the pacing of the series is toned down, the makers can actually get material for a fourth season as well. Hence, it is safe lớn say that the source material is not a concerning matter for the renewal. Other factors are hindering the return of the series.

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Magi Season 3: Release Date

With all the red flags already, it looks lượt thích the third season of Magi might not see the light of the day anytime soon. However, if there is enough dem& from the side of the viewers, there is a high chance that the series might get a continuing part. But for that lớn be possible, fans will have to lớn demand it relentlessly. So, even if the production of the series commences halfway through the next year, the entire season will be animated within a year’s time.

Thus, fans can expect to lớn see Magi Season 3 by the Summer 2023 slate. We will be sure to lớn update this section as soon as more news comes into lớn the public tên miền. Thus, stay tuned for more.


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