Overview: Play games your way!“” is a game cheat / haông xã / alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HPhường., SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design.

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Requires Android: 2.3.3+ Features Summary

Support different emulators lượt thích PPSSPPhường., ePSXe, GameBoy etc.Supports: Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Aukhổng lồ data-type searches.Modify all tìm kiếm results at once.Search in the background feature.Dump memory.Copy memory.Customizable UI.App locale for over 50 languages. And, much, much more.




An update is highly recommended in order not to thảm bại your files due lớn malicious scripts! Precedents have already been!

Improved tư vấn virtual spaces.Fixed bugs in the Lua implementation.Updated translations.
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The unique program with an excellent set of features. Distinctive features: 

support x86 và x64 devices & emulators (BlueStacks, Droid4X, Genymotion etc.); tư vấn Android 5+ & 6+; deceleration / acceleration tốc độ games (ARM devices only); direct & fuzzy search; multiple fuzzy search for equality; search encrypted XOR values; search for fractional values; modify all the values found at once; show tìm kiếm progress; advanced filtering of search results; search value not only for echất lượng but also in terms of more / less.

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Unique features

Availability Search for encrypted values.Group Search supports all data types, including float and xor.Search in the application code.Changing the application code.Support of "data type" xor, are often used khổng lồ protect the values of the changes in the games.Displays an unlimited number of search results, the main thing that you have enough memory.Filtering the tìm kiếm results according to lớn various criteria.Autofill on values change.The ability to enter data in hexadecimal.The rollbaông xã feature values change if you vày not need.Extended freeze values.Advanced application settings system.Viewing the game screen, without closing the program interface.The input history.Unique in-memory data storage system that allows you khổng lồ store data in memory & avoid crashes the program when available memory runs out.Speedhachồng runs on x86 devices.Speedhaông chồng runs on app android 7.speedhaông chồng Function: time jump, which allows you lớn go forward in time, to the exact distance.Unique speedhack configuration allows fine-tune the desired intercept timers in the game without touching unnecessary.The unique masking system unable khổng lồ detect the fact of installing và running the program for the protection systems of most games.Extremely high stability.Active sầu support.Constant updating.Localization inkhổng lồ many languages.Special tricks against some common protective systems.


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TopGEOYT 260

March 14, 2019

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Thanks a lot for this tiện ích . 

It is best hacking app . Very useful tool .

It have sầu finally kicked game killer , game hacker , xmodgames và etc from hacking tools . Noone use this idiot apps which need licence và only can search và edit values . And game gourdian is 100% không tính phí . 

Now everyone who is interested with hacking games, they use trò chơi Gurdian .

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Thanks a lot again .

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Boris911 134

August 16, 2015

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Now, it is "the best". But I have one suggestion for make it the best. You may add there tìm kiếm values between. I mean if any value is visible lượt thích integer, but it is float in shadow. E.g. I see that I have 2 points in game. Well, I will search between Value>=2 & ValueResponse from the author: