Rovio made another installment in the popular game series Angry Birds that blasted into the sky. They called the 4th online game installment Angry Birds Space. The good thing is that there is always a geek in us who dreams of boarding Princess Leia’s Tantative IV or the Federation’s USS Enterprise space crafts. In fact, we cheered when Elon Musk sent his Tesla Roadster in space as if it was us who are going to lớn explore the mysteries of the cosmos. If we can’t be the Resistance in Star Wars, we can be the iconic birds in Angry Birds Space, defying the gravity to retrieve sầu the eggsteroids. If you are looking for tips on this game, why you don’t you tải về Angry Birds Space first? We have sầu great information for you once you’ve sầu installed the game on your PC.

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For one, the game mechanics have not changed. But, this isn’t an ordinary slingshot game as it has two new huge innovations – zero gravity and gravity wells! Experience physics-based gameplay where gravity doesn’t exist and the trajectory of the birds is different. Survive in the icy world of Cold Cuts, stop yourself from temptation in the world of junk food Utopia và explore our very own Solar System!

Download and play Angry Birds Space & float through different planets, explore the galaxy and unlochồng new birds. The sky is the limit? Not anymore!

Angry Birds Space

The popular Physics-based game is baông chồng in Angry Birds Space! This time the fight between the heroic birds & the evil pigs is in deep space. Players will now have sầu more levels khổng lồ play in & will have sầu a chance khổng lồ unloông xã more awesome and deadly birds to lớn take down the villainous swine. Find more features about the game below:

Experience 300+ Interstellar Levels

Are you ready for some outer space sling-shooting? Angry Birds Space now features more than 300 fun và challenging interstellar levels. Each màn chơi has different obstacles và puzzles khổng lồ make the game fun & challenging.

Aside from the zero gravity feature, every asteroid in this game has their own gravitational field. This gravitational field greatly affects the trajectory of your bird. It can either slow your bird down or propel your bird up! Which means that in each cấp độ, you will have to lớn think of a new strategy to lớn earn that sweet 3-stars!


Exploit The Weakness

In Angry Birds Space, you can easily destroy a structure and smash objects by attacking its foundation và weak points. Keep in mind that there are several objects that are more durable than others. For instance, you can easily smash wooden objects, unlike glass or concrete ones.

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Get Those Angry Birds Space Power-Ups!

Be keen when you spot the special objects floating around the space, such as sparkling space mushrooms. These objects provide you a lot of points if you smash them. Try lớn incorporate these objects inkhổng lồ your strategy khổng lồ gain more points and achieve sầu that sweet 3 stars.

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Power-ups would also help you achieve maximum damage & ease you out with the tough levels. The Flock of Destruction, Blaông xã Hole, và Pig Dipper are some of the power-ups you can use. Save them all wisely because they are all limited.

Take the battle inkhổng lồ space with Angry Birds Space when you tải về và play this online game for free! Check out some of our other fun casual lượt thích Angry Birds Rio & Unknown Last Pixels Battle Royale!