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< + to infinitive sầu > Kulkowski hopes lớn have sầu recovered sufficiently from his knee injury to play in the semifinals next week.
An original paper should not include an extensive review of the literature, but only sufficient references lớn indicate the purpose và relevance of the investigation.
Because my research started out by locating sufficient conditions for stability in heterogeneous capital goods models, và that problem still fascinates me lớn this day.
They are assumed lớn save during working periods to ensure they have sufficient income when not working.
If phase transition occurs during sample loading, a high postshock temperature will have a sufficient influence upon a new phase.
Thus, an assumption is manifest " if the environment provides sufficient evidence for its adoption " (p. 324).
Consequently, possessing an abundance of records is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the selfrecognition of a " collector".
One of the major stumbling blocks may be the availability of sufficient capital lớn fund the company"s start up operations.
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