LightingAvg. Locally-deformable PRT (Bat)32.1 fpsMuch better lighting effects.+50% 21.4 fps
ReflectionAvg. High dynamic range lighting (Teapot)38.2 fpsHugely better reflection handling.+99% 19.2 fps
MRenderAvg. Render target array GShader (Sphere)34.6 fpsMuch faster multi rendering.+37% 25.2 fps
GravityAvg. NBody particle system (Galaxy)31.8 fpsMuch faster NBody calculation.+37% 23.2 fps

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LightingLocally-deformable PRT (Bat)36.4 fpsMuch better peak lighting effects.+53% 23.8 fps
ReflectionHigh dynamic range lighting (Teapot)47.7 fpsHugely better peak reflection handling.+84% 25.9 fps
MRenderRender target array GShader (Sphere)36.3 fpsMuch faster peak multi rendering.+33% 27.2 fps
GravityNBody particle system (Galaxy)35 fpsMuch faster peak NBody calculation.+36% 25.7 fps

CSGOAvg. Fps
1080p on Max
122 FpsBetter CSGO Fps.+11% 110 Fps
FortniteAvg. Fps
1080p on Max
50 FpsSlightly Better Fortnite Fps.+9% 45 Fps
GTAVAvg. Fps

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1080p on Max
38 FpsSlightly Better GTAV Fps.+7% 36 Fps
LoLAvg. Fps
1080p on Max
119 FpsSlightly Better LoL Fps.+9% 109 Fps
OverwatchAvg. Fps
Market ShareMarket Share (trailing 30 days)0.18 %0.52 %Hugely higher market share.+189%
ValueValue For Money61.5 %Much better value.+58% 38.9 %
User RatingUBM User Rating59 %61 %+3%
PricePrice (score)$100Slightly cheaper.+9% $110

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AgeNewest84 MonthsMore recent.+18% 102 Months
ParallaxParallax occlusion mapping (Stones)33.5 fpsMuch better peak texture detail.+43% 23.5 fps
SplattingForce Splatted Flocking (Swarm)31.2 fpsMuch faster peak complex splatting.+66% 18.8 fps
ParallaxAvg. Parallax occlusion mapping (Stones)30.4 fpsMuch better texture detail.+45% 21 fps
SplattingAvg. Force Splatted Flocking (Swarm)27.4 fpsMuch faster complex splatting.+67% 16.4 fps

The GTX 950 is Nvidia"s latest Maxwell card which is based on a GTX 960 but with 25% fewer CUDA cores and 25% fewer texture units. Comparing the GTX 960 and 950 shows that, as expected, effective speed has been reduced by 25%. The GTX 950 is positioned above GTX 750 Ti which is Nvidia"s energy efficient mass market Comparing the 750 Ti and 950 shows that 950 is nearly 50% faster but it"s also priced 50% higher so the 950 doesn"t offer improved value for money. Gaming performance for the GTX 950 at resolutions up to 1080p on high/ultra settings will be satisfactory most of the time. That said, the GTX 950 is priced on the high side ($160). At present the GTX 960 ($171) offers 25% better performance for just 7% more money. See a current list of the best value graphics cards here.