using something or someone as a way of getting help, especially in a difficult or dangerous situation:

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a recourse for sb The Ombudsman is a recourse for homeowners who feel let down by their estate agent.
At present, older workers have no legal recourse if they think they have sầu suffered age discrimination.

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sb"s (only) recourse is lớn vày sth Their only recourse is lớn tệp tin for an appeal before an administrative sầu law judge.
without/with no recourse khổng lồ We should be able lớn resolve these types of disputes without recourse to lớn a public inquiry.
provide/seek recourse The Patients" Bill of Rights provides recourse for patients wishing khổng lồ sue for damages.

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the legal right of a lender to lớn take assets belonging lớn the borrower in addition to the asphối used to lớn guarantee the loan, if the loan is not repaid:
the legal right to demvà payment from someone who has signed a cheque or bill of exchange if the money is not paid on the agreed date:
The holder of the bill of exchange uses his or her right of recourse and submits the bill of exchange khổng lồ someone connected with it.
Finally, public awareness of this loss of natural capital was restricted & those directly affected had little recourse.
There can be no access khổng lồ the body without recourse lớn norms, power, và discourse that operate lớn circumscribe the materiality of the body toàn thân.
With disteo, the individual could define him- or herself in relation to lớn the whole, without obligatory recourse khổng lồ a partner.
This conundrum can also be explained through recourse to the political context in which it occurred.
Establishing what these functions were requires recourse khổng lồ our analysis of earlier talk and other conversation-external data.