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God of War III
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Playstation 3

God of War III is a representative of the famous Hachồng & Slash game series on consoles from PS3 và above sầu. With a good, deep storyline integrated inkhổng lồ an epic mythological setting, it will take you inlớn the most intense và chaotic wars between Gods & Demigods.

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Introduce about God of War III

Introduce about God of War III

An epic of blood và hatred

About the plot

The entire God of War series was developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio & published by Sony on PS2 for the first time in 2005. The entire long story in the series revolves around Kranos, a demigod who has a complicated past và origins, & a journey lớn avenge himself on the gods and all of Olympus.

Let me talk a little bit about the previous two parts for you to lớn follow easily!

God of War I tells the story of Kratos, the leader, a mighty Sparta’s warrior, and a demigod. Kratos worshiped the god of war Ares và made a blood oath lớn be loyal to Ares for the rest of his life. But he did not know that Ares only took advantage of his strength. Ares eventually pushed Kratos into lớn a trap where he killed his wife and daughter with his own hands. Loyalty turns khổng lồ hatred, Kratos embarked on a journey to avenge himself on Ares và find justice for the departed.

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Then I realized that lượt thích so many powerful but selfish gods, Kratos is just a human who has good & bad. He chooses to act on his instinct, the instinct of a husbvà và father who killed his wife and child with his own hands due to lớn his blind belief in evil gods.


First, the main character, God of War Kratos, has become very handsome compared to lớn the fierce image of the previous parts. Next, each of the gods in this world of war has the l& khổng lồ flaunt his strength which is sometimes terrifying. You will shudder khổng lồ see the Hell filled with fire and blood of the God of Death, Hades, & you will have sầu goosebumps when witnessing the brutality of the God of Sea, Poseidon. The Gods are now gone, replaced by ferothành phố, tyranny, and cruelty beyond every wildest imagination. The visuals are that beautiful & haunting.

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Download God of War III ROM for PS3

“If everyone had learned to lớn forgive sầu, the world wouldn’t be such a mess full of ambition.” That will be probably the thought of anyone when finishing this game. Is the game a collection of the fiercest fights? Yes! Is it also the greathử nghiệm epic in Greek mythology? Yes! Moreover, it is also a world of contemplation & experience. You will have a lot of conflicting emotions in your heart after playing this game, I believe.

Sip a cup of wine, turn up the speakerphone (or wear headphones instead), tải về God of War III, and start Kratos’ hateful journey!