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to (cause to) move easily through, or along the surface of a liquid, or lớn (cause to) move easily through air:
a small amount of money kept by someone who works in a bar, etc., used for giving customers their change
a light object that floats on the surface of the water và is used to lớn keep a fishing net, or the bait on a fishing line, in a particular position:
to stay or move easily on or over the surface of a liquid, or to cause something khổng lồ move in this way:
< I > fig. Reports have been floating around (= heard from various people) that the company might be for sale.
a large vehicle that is decorated và used in parades (= public celebrations in which people march, walk, & ride along a planned route):
float (sth) on the stock market/stock exchange etc. The group is planning lớn float on the new york Stock Exchange later this year.

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float at $3/200p/ etc. (a share) The stock was floated at 233p a nội dung last July & closed up 3.75p last night at 286.25p.
Last January the chief executive said he would only float the company if there was a "dramatic" revival in the market.
if a country floats its currency, or if the currency floats, the government no longer controls its value in relation to the value of other currencies:
to make a suggestion, especially one for doing something that is different from what has been done in the past:
float an idea/proposal/suggestion The partnership idea was floated at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing last year.

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The stock has been one of the great out-performers of recent times, rising more than 90% since the company"s float 11 years ago.