PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is a shooting game in the Battle Royale genre, where multiple players fight khổng lồ the death, with the last squad or person alive sầu winning the game. However, many players are reporting about the lag during gameplay, which is unacceptable và ruins the fun of the game. FPS drop và poor network connection can be the cause for lag.

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What Causes the Lag issue in PUBG?

According to lớn our retìm kiếm và numerous user reports, we found several different reasons that can be causing lag in the game

Game Settings: trò chơi will have mặc định settings adjusted for a recommended system, which may not be suitable for you. You need to lớn modify settings according lớn your system.Windows Performance: Sometimes your Windows is limiting the CPU tốc độ và memory due to power saving, which can cause a small difference in FPS.Slow Internet: FPS is not the only reasons for lag, but the latency (ping) due lớn slow internet can also make the game slow and hard khổng lồ play. The better connection will provide less ping which will be better for an online game.

Make sure you have sầu a stable connection & good ping before checking the solutions. Now that you have sầu a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, we will move sầu on towards the solution.

Note: If you are getting the “Network lag detected” error in PUBG, you can kiểm tra our article for that: here

Solution 1: In-game Settings of PUBG

Using the In-game options, you can modify graphics và gameplay settings to lớn increase your FPS & get less lag. The result of changing options can depend on your system.

xuất hiện the Steam client và log in lớn your tài khoản, then go to lớn Library and launch PUBGNow open “Settings“, và select “Graphics” optionChange the Display Mode khổng lồ “Fullscreen“Keep the Resolution which your monitor has for desktop, If you change it to low you might get more FPSFPP Camera FOV should be between “70-80” for low-end, “80-90” for mid-range & above that is for high-end PCBelow that you can keep everything “Very Low” or “Low
Pubg in-game settings for graphicsNow go lớn “Gameplay“, & change these three options which are shown below:
Pubg in-game gameplay settings

After changing all the above sầu settings, kiểm tra the FPS difference and lag issue.

Solution 2: Windows và trò chơi Files Configuration

Some other options that we can try for fixing the lag are Windows High Performance & Compatibility of the game. By adjusting these options, we can increase the CPU speed and keep the game stable. The difference might not be very big but still helpful.

trò chơi Files:

mở cửa the Steam client and log in lớn your trương mục, then click on “Library“Right-cliông xã on “PUBG” from the list and go lớn PropertiesCliông xã the “Local Files” tab, then cliông chồng “Browse Local Files
Open game files through steamThen go lớn the following directory:

Tsltrò chơi > Binaries > Win64Right-click on “ExecPubg” và select PropertiesSelect the “Compatibility” tab and tiông chồng “Disable full-screen optimizations“Tiông xã “Override high DPI..” clichồng OK and save sầu it (in Windows 8 this will look a bit different like “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings“)Do the same for the “TslGame

trò chơi files properties settings

Control Panel:

xuất hiện Run by pressing Windows + R, then type “powercfg.cpl” và press Enter khổng lồ open Power nguồn OptionsSet power plan to lớn “High Performance” (Cliông xã on Show additional plans, if you can’t find High Performance)
Changing the power plan to lớn high performance in power options

Launch Option:

Open the Steam client and log in to lớn your trương mục, then clichồng on “Library“Right-click on “PUBG” in steam library và go khổng lồ “Properties“Clichồng on “Set Launch Options” and paste this-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -NOSPLASH -nomansky +mat_antialias 0
Set launch option in steam for PubgNow start game and check if lag is decreased.

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Solution 3: In-game Settings of PUBG Mobile (for mobile)

In PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại settings, you can modify the “Graphics” option lớn increase & unlock the 25 FPS limit. Getting more FPS will keep the game stable & smooth with no lag. In this method, we will be only adjusting four options as stated below:

Open PUBG Mobile in your mobile/emulator & log in khổng lồ your accountGo khổng lồ “Settings“, and click on “Graphics“Set graphics lớn “Smooth” & the frame rate to “Extreme“Disable the “Anti-aliasing” & “Auto-adjust graphics
In-game settings for PUBG Mobile

Now play the game & check the issue will be resolved.

Solution 4: Increasing the Priority in Task Manager (for PC & Mobile)

Every time you start the game, go to lớn “Task Manager” & make the priority of the game lớn higher than normal. Increasing priority is telling your system khổng lồ give sầu this program more CPU và memory than other running programs.

Start the game and minimize it, then hold the Windows KeyPress R lớn open RunType “taskmgr” và Enter to lớn open Task Manager, then go khổng lồ Details tabYou will find “Tsltrò chơi.exe“, right-cliông xã it và set priority to “Above sầu Normal” or “HighNote: For PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại running on PC, you can bởi the same by changing priority.
Increasing priority in Task ManagerNow kiểm tra lag in the game.

Solution 5: Tencent Gaming Buddy Settings (for mobile)

The mặc định settings of Tencent Gaming Buddy may differ khổng lồ the specs of your system, due khổng lồ which it can cause the lag for your PUBG mobile game. By changing the settings inkhổng lồ more relatable to your system can help you get more fps & better performance overall in the emulator.

mở cửa Tencent Gaming Buddy by double-clicking the shortcut, then click on the Setting Bar on the top right corner & go to “Settings
xuất hiện settingsSelect “Engine” và change rendering mode to lớn “OpenGL+” (depends on GPU) or “DirectX+” (depends on CPU) according to lớn your system specsNote: The mặc định rendering mode will be “Smart mode“, which actually messes up cađậy directory.If you have dedicated GPU (NVidia or AMD) tichồng “Prioritize Dedicated GPU” and if you only have “Intel Graphics” then untichồng itKeep the memory always half of what you haveNote: If you have 4GB RAM then half will be 2GB, Same if 8GB then put 4GB, always half of what you haveTencent Gaming Buddy Settings – EngineCliông xã on “Game” option, then you can change Gaming Resolution by selecting “SD 720” for low spec, & “Ultra HD” for high-end PC & GPUIn “Display Quality“, you should tichồng “Smooth” (it removes shadows & shader to lớn help with the lag)Tencent gaming buddy settings – GameCliông xã “Save“, then start game and kiểm tra the lag.

Solution 6: Compatibility of the Tencent Gaming Buddy (for mobile)

In Windows, you can change the compatibility mode for the game, which is a mode that helps you run the PUBG Smartphone in an older version of Windows such as Windows 7, 8. This may help to lớn run the game better and stable than the game in the lathử nghiệm windows.

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Right-cliông chồng on Tencent Gaming Buddy shortcut, select “Properties” and cliông chồng “xuất hiện file location” in the shortcutOpen file location folder for the gameNow right-cliông xã on “AppMarket” and go to Properties.xuất hiện “Compatibility” tab & select “Run this program in compatibility mode for“, in this you can select Windows 7, 8 or you can cliông xã on “Run compatibility troubleshooter” to lớn make tự động recommended settings.Also, tichồng “Run this program as an administrator”Changing compatibility mode for the gameCliông xã “Apply” and “OK“, now check your game for lag.