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Unloông xã all upcoming Far Cry 4 add-on nội dung, including the Valley of the Yetis campaign, Overrun – a new exclusive sầu PvP mode, plus more missions and 5 additional weapons.

Exclusive Day-One Mission Single-Player và Co-op A top secret thành tích is in danger of falling into enemy hands... Pagan Min’s forces cannot be allowed khổng lồ use it khổng lồ their advantage! You must stop them from recovering the thành công first và using it against the rebels.

Valley of the Yetis Campaign Your helicopter has crashed on an unforgiving Himalayan ridge. Explore the frozen landscape và find tools khổng lồ tăng cấp your camp & protect it by night from a dangerous cult. You are not alone, but will you survive? In the darkest caves, the yetis await their prey…

Escape from Durgesh Prison Single-Player & Co-op You và a fellow captive have been rounded up & tortured in Yuma’s prison. Escape from the prison và survive sầu the hostile lands of Pagan Min’s Kyrat.

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Additional Multiplayer Mode PvPhường Get even more PvPhường action. Team up as Rakshasa or Golden Path và control a series of neutral locations across Kyrat’s countryside khổng lồ protect them from being overrun by your opponents.

More Missions & Weapons Single-Player Get 5 additional missions including Yak Farm, Blood Ruby, và Hurk’s Redemption, plus 5 more weapons.


REVOLUTIONARY OPEN WORLD CO-OP: Far Cry 4 allows for a second player to drop in & drop out at any point, re-imagining the cooperative sầu experience in the true spirit of Far Cry for the next generation. You’ll now be able lớn discover & explore the living open world of Kyrat together.MASSIVE OPEN WORLD: Discover the most diverse Far Cry world ever created. With terrain spanning from lush forests lớn the snowcapped Himalayas, the entire world is alive…& deadly.ABUNDANT NEW WILDLIFE: From leopards, rhinos, black eagles, & vicious honey badgers, as you embark on your hunt for resources, know that something may be hunting you...

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NEW WAYS TO GET AROUND: Scout enemy territory from above in the all-new gyrocopter và then plummet bachồng to lớn earth in your wing suit. Climb aboard the baông chồng of a six-ton elephant và unleash its raw power on your enemies.POWERFUL NEW WEAPONS: Choose the right weapon for the job, no matter how insane or unpredictable that job might be. With a diverse arsenal, you’ll be prepared for anything.
Activation: Automatically added khổng lồ your isys.com.vnsoft Connect for PC library for tải về. Requirements: You will need to lớn install the isys.com.vnsoft Connect for PC application in order to run this content. Release date: November 18, năm trước Type: Shooter