File Name:Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai 2 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).zip
Year of release:2007

Important!! In order to lớn be able to play this game you need an emulator installed. See the full các mục of available PlayStation Portable emulators for this game.

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Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai 2 (E) ROM Download for PSP

Our generation is a huge bạn of fighting games available on PlayStations. Fighting games have always been a thrill due to its excellent graphics exposure và various customizable features for its users. Of all the other fighting-based games available on multiple platforms, here is one of the finest recommendations if you love fighting games, & that"s Dragon Ball Z- Shin Budokai 2. Here is everything you need lớn know about this game "Dragon Ball- Z Shin Budokai 2" và how you can play that game on your computer.


Dragon Ball Z is a typical fighting game where one player fights the computer-operated opponent or other players through punches và kicks. Other notable moves result in a more significant impact on opponents và a player while fighting. With each win in a fight, the player earns a Dragon ball, which helps the player reach the next màn chơi.

This game enables its players to lớn play in three modes, which are-

Story Mode - The player is allowed lớn make choices, & the game runs based on the story which the player uses.Arcade Mode - This is a single-player mode wherein players can play against computer-generated robots.Z-Trial Mode - This mode enables the player khổng lồ play in two styles-Survival Mode - The player has lớn fight against an opponent as long as he canTime- Attaông chồng - The player has to lớn fight against an opponent as fast as he canFeaturesFight with Punches, kicks, và Special Moves.There"s an option of playing in three different modes.Play against a computer-generator opponent.Excellent graphics và controls.

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Best Emulator for Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai 2

To play the Dragon Ball Z- Shin Budokai 2 game on PC, the user must have PlayStation Portable Emulator (PSP). This emulator, i.e., the PlayStation Portable emulator, can be downloaded from for không tính phí.

There are plenty of PSPhường emulators available online. Here are our best picks of PSPhường emulators:

ePSXeConsidered one of the best emulators lớn run PSP console games on PC.Features like users can apply game patches to lớn run games that don"t run well.Available for Windows only.pSXeasy-khổng lồ use emulator lớn run PSP. games,It supports disk images formats as .iso, .bin, .cue, .ccd, .cdz, .img & runs them without noticeable lags & freezes.

OpenEMUa Versatile emulator that works best for many other consoles as well.Available for Mac onlyFeatures like Memory emulation, save sầu game tư vấn, load PlayStation game tư vấn, gamepad

Similar Games

Three games khổng lồ love sầu if you lượt thích Dragon Ball Z-Shin Budokai 2. They are

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of ZIt is a fighting game where up to lớn eight players battle with each other. The gameplay & graphics stay the same as Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle. They battle on the ground and in the air.Dragon Ball Z: V.R.V.S.It is a 2 chiều fighting game where the player fights with characters in a phối order. If the players can defeat each other, they earn a Dragon Ball.

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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaibỏ ra 3Part of the same series features about 161 characters to fight. The gameplay is the same as any other Dragon Ball Z game but includes new features such as Battle Replay, night và day stages, & Disc Fusion.