Deformation là gì

the action of spoiling the usual and true shape of something, or a change in its usual & true shape:

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The surface stresses (tensions) are functions of the local extension ratios, which depend on the global deformation of the membrane.
Movements may arise from structural deformation, or may be induced by temperature variations or changes in moisture content.
This suggests that the deformation of the lithosphere is strongly controlled by interfering vertical & lateral heterogeneities.
As a result, joints that traverse impermeable deformation band shear zones may provide the primary pathways for fluid flow in sandstones compartmentalized by these zones.
The numerical simulations allow for a complete investigation of the finite deformation of both the outer drop và the encapsulated particle.
The applied transformations satisfy the deformation principle since the truncated part of the generalized forces is negligible in this case.
By t = 75 s, in the frontal view (figure 10e), the amplitude of the deformations has increased dramatically.
Thus, we propose a stiffness analysis method for parallel mechanisms, which takes into lớn account elastic deformations of parts and bearings.
Our opinion is that elastic deformation và frequency of present modes are consequences of the overall dynamics motion of the robotic system.
From the extent of the substrate deformations, visualized by bead imaging, they determined the force exerted by the cells.
Evidently the film thickens with increasing capillary number owing t o the attendant increase in deformation.

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a type of nhảy where two people use special steps and movements lớn do dances such as the waltz or tango together

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