Top 16 Top Dps Bns Mới Nhất 2022


Decided to check the game out with 3 of my friends. We won't be doing any PVP stuff, just gonna focus on PVE runs. Was wondering what's currently the best PVE DPS class? I know there probably isn't 1 top class but maybe something that separates them into tiers?


What I learned is that class does not matter. Everything is about gear. Some classes vày better in low gear some in mid gear & end trò chơi gear is only theory hidden behind tons of thousands of gold & RNG.

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Some classes are better in solo. Some are harder.

So you better decide based on other things than DPS.

Do you want khổng lồ be melee or range.

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Do you lượt thích animations of class?

Do you preder easy or hard classes.

Look it up on youtube and select.

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Generally highest dps now is archer..probably..but some classes has excelent burst compare to lớn others..etc

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How much you lượt thích to swap your credit card? (it's the same value for all of them btw)

You forgot this one!!!

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Archer, 3rd sin, meme kfm

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Forgot lớn mention ice SF, literally the highest parsing class right now (although it can't keep full bộ as easy unless it's a DPS monkey in raids)

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Highest DMG class right now I believe is archer. Và I think the Assassin is right behind them. There's no trinity system in this game, so basically if your geared enough, anyone could technically tank, và all classes have self heal. All classes are pretty well rounded for pve. Some classes are more difficult than others to lớn play, but you will get use lớn them. So honestly pick whatever you want, you can't go wrong with any class. I have all classes to lớn lvl 60 except summoner, but I can tell you from my experience the hardest class khổng lồ play i think it Assassin.

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Archer is king atm

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Credit thẻ class

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New class coming soon called astromancer it looks pretty good then you got archer then bm 3rd và then more bm 3rd and some more bm 3rd & then a little extra bm 3rd on the side so pick one of these

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Wrong. Not even mentioning 3rd assassin smh

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Is BM third spec that high dps???

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